Charles Mason III 

Artist Bio

My work is rigorously autobiographical because I am steadily wrestling within myself on what it means to be black in America and how that affects my day-to-day life. This path leads me to think and create abstractly on how blackness can be experienced through materials such as painting, photograph, design, found objects, and video. I intertwine these mediums with one another to transform an object through various gestures pass its originally intended use, along with building up such material on these surfaces to investigate the multiplicity nature of blackness in America. I do this often by layering these mediums upon one another. Having painting gestures incorporated into found objects that have been weathered by nature and placing those physical objects with other found materials to question their existence in reference to one another. This investigation of material and surface collectively leads me to the understanding of history and identity. I am often looking at pop culture, social and political references to understand the habitation that my agency is then forced to be placed in, while also looking at how black people have been able to rejoice in themselves. This exploration into history becomes apparent in the intention behind my found material choices. Taking on the history of their own I am wrapping them in the thick of subject matter, while layering on top plaster, paint and photographs; each being another material and gesture transmitting the complexities of blackness through such process based work. An object then ceases to exist as itself and becomes entrenched in an abstracted manner to start dialogue within myself on my blackness.